Second Birthday Drive-In

Jezebel’s second birthday party was a drive-in movie extravaganza:

Grumpily blowing out the candles.
Still grumpy, but frosting helps.
The frosting aftermath.
Watching Monsters, Inc.
Stocking the shelves at JB & Co.

5 Responses to “Second Birthday Drive-In”

  1. Grandpa & Grandma says:

    We enjoyed seeing our little sweetheart at her second birthday. Of course we wish we were there with you all. That’s quite a store bin for her and her vegetables. We assume there will be no meat at her store.

    Hope we can see you sometime this fall. If not, we’ll hope Christmas works out. Love to you all.
    G and G

  2. Aunt Barbie says:

    Happy birthday, Jezebel! It looks like your hair has gotten darker, it’s a beautiful color! I hope your party was so fun. Tell your Dad we need MORE PICTURES! We love you and miss you. When are you coming to visit? Love – Aunt Barbie, Uncle Steve, Nate and Ryan

  3. Jezebel looks like she had a wonderful birthday. I assume her grandmother Akiko was able to enjoy it with her. Jim Posey

  4. Aw she looked like she had a blast and how neat the party theme was! I can’t believe she is 2 already!

    Happy belated Bday Jezebel and Happy Birthday to you Sandra!

  5. Hey Jezebel,
    You pretty 2 year old. You look more like your Mom everyday. I see you like playing in the kitchen. Yea! That makes your Aunt Grace happy.
    Love to you and Mom and Dad. We love you,
    Aunt Grace, Uncle William, Ann Peyton, Hence and Corley