Jezebel’s Placenta Tree

This weekend the three of us attended the Historical Society’s annual dinner and silent auction. I bid on the big prize, a wheelbarrow filled with organic gardening supplies, plants, tools and a dwarf grapefruit tree from The Garden. Lo and behold I was the winning bidder and decided that I finally had a use for the placenta that’s been in the freezer since Jezebel’s birth. Below is a picture of the tree planted atop it in the strip of lawn just by our sidewalk. It didn’t occur to me until after we finished that some enterprising hound might find that placenta awfully alluring and dig it up tree and all. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.
J-boo's Placenta Tree

One Response to “Jezebel’s Placenta Tree”

  1. I’m just glad to not have to hear or think about the placenta being in the freezer anymore. Money well spent.